Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blogger Tip Thursday {writer's block}

We all experience writer's block at times, and know how difficult it can be to get over that hump, today I am going to share with you some of my tips along with some blog post ideas. My number one go to for ideas, is to look at the blogs that inspire me. Go though all of your favorite bloggers (dig into their archives) and write down any inspiration that comes to you. Pinterest can also be a great source to help spark some ideas inside of you. I keep a open note on my phone with a running list of blog post ideas, because sometimes you just randomly have a great idea, and you don't want to forget it. Lastly I personally find that the right mindset is one of the most important tools to help you get over your "writers block".

Here is a list of 30 blog post ideas to help you get started:
10 wardrobe staples
Bucket list
Currently raving
Date night style guide
Fall style guide
Favorite bloggers
Favorite planners
Gift guides
Girls night
Guest post
Hair styles
How to start a blog
Instagram latley
Makeup must haves
Must have shoes for every women
Packing for a trip
Product reviews
Save or splurge
Skin care routine
Spring break must haves {all under $100}
Spring style guide
Style guide for him
Summer style guide
Tour of home/apartment
Weekend/casual war
Whats in my bag
Winter style guide
Workout wear

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Your Perfect Perfume

Your perfume can say a lot about you, good or bad, so you want to pick one that says you. Also keep in mind that every perfume does not fit into just one catagory, but can have more potent notes of scent that can put off different impressions. My current favorite perfume is Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I want to start off this post by saying, I am by no means a perfume snob/guru guru, but was very interested in learning more about perfumes, and wanted to share my finding with y'all.

Photo: Jinna Yang

Citrus// Crisp and confident. "[These scents are] light, fresh, and make you feel feminine," says Carye Campbell, director of fragrance merchandising for Sephora. I specifically love citrus scents during warm summer weather. Popular citrus perfumes here.

Fruit// Fresh and spicy. These are often worn by girls and younger women, they express youth and freshness. Popular fruity perfumes here.

Floral// Fresh and pretty.  I generally think of floral scents as the classic womanly scent, it screams class and elegance to me. "Floral wearers are down-to-earth and have a strong sense of femininity, which their style reflects"~ Harpers Bazaar. Popular floral perfumes here.

Earthy and Woody// Modern minimalism. For me this is the women, who wants to smell nice, but also natural, it goes right along with minimalist makeup, subtle but nice. "Bold, unique and effortlessly chic, the Modern Minimalist favours sleek lines, monochrome palettes, and gravitates towards multifaceted fragrances that blend subtly into the skin" ~ Harpers Bazaar. Popular woody perfumes here.

Musk, Oriental// Opulent and sultry. "Warm and sensual, women who favour musk or oriental scents create a lasting impression – and aren't afraid to show their sensuality. Opulent fragrances that focus on musk, amber, vanilla and benzoin are the key to your allure"~ Harpers Bazaar. I love lotions with a vanilla scent, it makes my skin small so rich and delicious. I prefer to wear these scents in the evening, since they are sensual, I feel that are to strong for the morning or day. Popular oriental perfumes here.

Classics//  Elegant. These are those women who stick to their tride and true scent, they have been wearing Chanel 5 for 15 years and don't plan on chaining anytime soon, they embrace knowing what they like and who they are. "Classic fragrance wearers are strong-minded without being over-bearing, and their calm demeanor and cool head make them ultra-professional and business-savvy" ~Harpers Bazaar.

Here is a great site to help direct you to a perfume you might enjoy, from the strength of the fragrance to all of the different scents.

See this article from Harpers Bazaar for more perfume information

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Day

Jacket: Columbia | Jeans: Paige | Sweater: Old (similar) | Boots: Uggs (supper old)
Ear Muffs: Lilly Pulitzer (similar) | Mittens: Lilly Pulitzer (similar)

Who doesn't love a snow day, I know I sure do! Sadly we only got about 1/2-1 of snow, and a nice 1/2 of ice on top of it, so that was a lot of fun. Because of all the ice there was no playing in the snow, the yard outside my apartment was like a huge scatting rink. Shooting in the snow is new for me, and definitely leaned a few things, it is BRIGHT and I mean BRIGHT, it is so hard to keep my eyes open. Also due to all of this light, many of my facial features look washed out, but that is okay, it was a learning experience. I have spend my snow days sitting in my apartment with Bentley near by, drinking lots and lots of coffee, watching Netflix, and planning some awesome blog posts for y'all.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blogger Tip Thursday {Fonts}

Font is important, it's eye catching, and sets the mood for what you are trying to say. I love playing around with different fonts on my blog, but they can get costly, and being an "amateur" blogger, fonts are not where I choose to invest (I'd rather buy another pair of shoes). I have rounded up several of my favorite FREE fonts to share with my fellow bloggers. The last font "Sverige Script" is the font used for my blog title. Here are the fonts listed in order they appear in the picture starting with the title "blogger fonts", please share with me any of your favorite fonts.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Work Space

Mug: c/o Fox & Clover 15% off with code: Sassy15 | Agenda: Lilly Pulitzer | Phone case: Kate Spade 
Stapler: Target also love this one | Vase: Hobby Lobby (similar)

Having a neat and tidy work space is very important, but can be difficult when living in such a small apartment. My biggest regret would be buying a desk that doesn't have any drawers or any form of storage. I am however lucky enough to have been able to place my desk by a window, natural light is the best. Bentley can always be found near by, he thinks of himself as my little helper, aka he takes napes while I do all of the work. I feel everyone should have flowers on their desk, fresh or fake, it just helps make the space. I love using cute and sassy mugs on my desk to hold pens and pencils, I just think its adorable and creative. This "haters gonna hate" mug is from Fox & Clover, they have the most adorable mugs, dozens of sassy quotes, and supper affordable plus get 15% off yours with code Sassy15.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Currently Craving

Clarisonic Mia 1 // I have been batteling with my skin lately and have heard rave reviews for this product, let me know if you have any suggestions for me.
Diptque Mimosa candle //For those days when your snowed in, or taking a hot bubble bath what a better way to relax them one of your favorite candles.
GiGi New York date book 50% OFF // I have wanted one of their date books for a while, and now that they are half off and we havn't even finished 2 months in 2015, I don't think I can resist. 
Kate Spade necklace // Since everything I own can't be pink, I suppose this stunning lavender necklace will do :)
Kate Spade keds // These are just too cute not to have.
Karen Walker sunglasses //I have been on the hunt for a new pair of shades, and I know I want tortoise shell, I am deciding between these and a less expensive pair of Kate Spades. 
Loren Hope earrings // These are the perfect statement earrings, but are simple enough to go with everything.
Tory Burch  Fleming patent medium bag in new ivory // I am trying to choose my spring bag, and I have been eying this one.
Patagonia puffer jacket // With this freezing cold weather (even though I am dreaming of spring) this jacket is a must to keep warm when walking to class.
YSL lipstick Lingerie Pink // I love anything pink, and this is the perfect soft pink lipstick.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Trench Coat: J.Crew | Jeans: Nordstrom | Scarf: Lilly Pulitzer (similar, similar) | Bag: Tory Burch
 Shoes: Tory Burch my FAVORITE flats | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Watch: Kate Spade 40% OFF |
Bracelet: c/o Kendra Scott | Earring: J.Crew Factory

This is a perfect outfit for those in-between weather days, when its still kinda chilly, but the sun breaks out in the aafternoon. Light layers like a classic trench coat are perfect for every season, I can't stress that enough. If you saw me on a day-to-day basis (especially at work) you would see that I wear the heck out of these Caroline Tory Burch flats they are my absoulte favorite. Not only are they cute, they are soooo comfortable, if you get a dark color though, make sure you wear little socks with them, they will dye your feet the color of the leather if you do not. This is really just an outfit full of some of my go to classic staples; ankle jeans, a trench coat, a fun scarf, and my favorite Tory flats. With these four items you can literally make an endless amount of outfits all year around. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

How To Apply For Internships

Love my mug? Buy it here and receive 15% off with code SASSY15

Landing a great internship in college can help you get your dream job when you graduate. Many majors (including mine) are now requiring students to have a summer internship as part of a graduation requirement, so the pressure and the competition is high. The process of narrowing down your top choices, and applying, are fairly similar for every major. I am still in the process of applying, and want to help out my fellow students, so here are my tips on applying for a college internship.

Brainstorm a BIG list// Forget about all of your restrictions, dream big, make a long list of anywhere you would like to intern. Forget about location or whether they have a formal intern program, just make a list. Think outside the box. Don't just Google (insert major name here) internships.  Think about companies you would love to work for and are genuinely interested in. Use your resources. Ask your professors.  There might be a list of companies students have previously interned at. Your school is here to help you, ask for connections, read your emails (I know...I delete most of mine too) but sometimes there are very interesting "meet and greets" with companies right at your school.

Narrow your list down//
Now it is time to get picky: make a list of criteria. Where are you willing to live? Do you need to by paid? Again, keep any companies that you are interested in that meet the criteria, even if they do not advertise an internship. We will get to that part later. I narrowed down my criteria to: Anywhere in the US, and paid or unpaid (but would prefer paid). This didn't narrow my list down much, so I started knocking off companies that I wasn't excited about.

Create a kick-butt cover letter and resume// There are literally millions of places online that talk about creating resumes and cover letters, along with being covered in many classes, so I don't plan on going to detail here. I do stress the importance of spelling, and grammar, along with STANDING OUT. It is okay if you don't have a lot of experience, but sell what you do know. Talk about what you have learned in school, some projects you have worked on in classes. Depending on where you are applying, add some pzazz, but don't go crazy. I have pink lines separating the sections in my resume, along with my initials in bold at the top of my resume in the same color. (If I were an accounting major, I might have used navy blue instead.) Have friends, classmates, and professors look over your resume to make sure you didn't miss anything.

Apply// Now for the stressful part, well at least I find this the most stressful part, applying. It is fairly straightforward to apply to companies that have online application process. I do recommend sending a personal email to a person, if possible. It always adds a nice touch, and helps you stand out. Now for those companies that you would love to work for, but you don't even know if they have an internship program, no problem. If this is a company that you would love to work for, work for it. Contact anyone and everyone that you can find that works at that company or might know someone who works for that company, even if it is a different office or a different department.. Every company had a first intern, and you could be theirs. Also this makes a strong first impression with that company and they can imminently recognize your determination and drive for hard work, and their company.

Follow up// A lot of people forget this step, and it is one of the most important. There were likely many people that applied, and let's face it, people are busy these days. Send a follow up email or letter thanking them for their time, remind them why you would love to work for their company, and that you look forward to hearing back from them. Be sure to include your contact information in the follow-up, so they do not have to go looking for it.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Date Night

Sweater: Lilly Pulitzer (similar, similar) | Skirt: Nordstrom (similar, similar) | Clutch: GiGi NY 
Shoes: DSW (similar) | Watch: Kate Spade 40% off | Bracelet: J.Crew

I love getting dressed up for date night, Valentine's Day is no exception. I am a pink girl myself, so I tend to stick with pink apposed to red's for Valentine's day. The pop of purple with the clutch just makes the outfit even more girly. I have been dieing to wear these shoes since I got them on clearance at DSW for $30 a few weeks ago. I was so upset, I forgot to put on my pink lipstick before pictures ): I forget to reapply lipstick a lot haha. I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day, I send my love.