Friday, August 29, 2014

Red White & Ruffled

Bag: Barneys NY(similar)
Shoes: Steve Madden  (similar)
Watch: Kate Spade (similar)
Bracelets: Kate Spade (similar)

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ruffle My Feathers

 This is a top and skirt are from my shopping trip in Charlotte that I shared with yall earlier.  Ruffles are quickly starting to take over my wardrobe and I am loving it! I would tell you to buy some top or skirt with a fun and flirty ruffle in it because it is a new style that is going to be here to stay for a while. I will be posting my last few summery outfits over the next month and then get ready to see me break out the sweaters and boots! What are your favorite ruffled pieces in your wardrobe or are you eying anything new in stores? Share it with me.
Top: J.Crew
Shoes : Tory Burch but would recommend THESE

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Getting organized in style

Today I am going to show yall how I get ready for new school year in style, and if you are not in school you can use some of these ideas at your work or for organizing things around the house. We have all seen the adorable Lilly Pulitzer binder covers and I am going to show you how I have made mine for the past two years. Every semester I make them with the latest seasons prints I get compliments on them constantly and really don't take a lot of time for effort to make. I will also show you how to jazz up a plain white notebook to make it more girly and  glitz. 

Here are all of the supplies I will be using today along with some school supplies I bough. I am in love with the rainbow of felt tip pens I get on sale at Office Depot which I plan on using to write in my agenda with. I like to assign things a color like work-blue boyfriend-orange friends-purple tests-red quizzes- green you get the idea and you can chose what ever color helps you remember what the reminder if for.
I will Start off with the Lilly Pulitzer binder covers first go online and chose your favorite prints (chose as many prints as you have binders) I have two binders this semester one for MWF and one for my TH classes. You need to select a large image so that it doesn't look distorted or pix-elated when you blow it up. In one word document have all of our imaged you need for each pattern one page that the pattern is blow up to cover the entire page and a second in a landscape setting where it just takes up an inch (hot dog style) or if you have a ticker or thinner binder you can adjust this will be for the label on the binding. Then in a second word document type out my class names and put a matching frame around them (see bellow). Print and then you are ready to get started.
 Now you need to cut out your pieces and glue them together how simple is that? I did not but I recommend using a slightly ticker/heavier paper if you have some at home already.
Now that you have glued your binder covers together you can now put them inside your binder. I use plain white but of course you can always use a colored binder.

Now I will show you how to jazz up a plain notebook. I got a 3 subject Five Star notebook in white and I am going to add gold strips. You need the notebook, some painters tape and a can of spray paint you can use what ever color you want I like gold and I already had it so win win.
Tape you notebook how ever you like I did two white stripes so that it would cover the Five Star logo and I also put some page over the spiral so they wouldn't also turn gold.
 I had to do about 3 light coats to get the look I wanted depending on what color you chose it might take less or more, wait for it to dry at least an house before you take off the tape but don't use or set anything on the notebook right away, I let mine set over night.

So that is my school supplies for the 2014 Fall semester in college. I find having cute supplies helps me feel better in my classes, I can't say that there the reason I make good grade but I definitely enjoy having them. If you have any other cool DIY organization ideas please share them with me !